US Customs Seizes 2,000 OnePlus Buds Believing Them to Be “Counterfeit AirPods” – Overview Geek

A photo of the OnePlus Buds.
Do these appear to be counterfeit AirPods? I imply… don’t reply that. OnePlus

Even the very best of us have hassle seeing the distinction between AirPods and their many lookalikes. However when Customs and Border Safety bragged on Twitter after seizing a bundle of two,000 counterfeit AirPods, web sleuths shortly identified that the “counterfeit AirPods” are literally OnePlus Buds, with OnePlus branding, in OnePlus packaging.

US Customs mistook reputable (and plainly labeled) OnePlus Buds for counterfeit AirPods. Photographs included within the company’s September 13th Twitter publish present a set of OnePlus Buds inside and out of doors of their retail packaging. CBP shared extra images of the “counterfeit” buds with FOX5 NY, together with an image of at the very least 20 OnePlus Buds. (By the way in which—did CBP deliberately chew up that earbud proven on the prime of FOX5’s article?)

CBP’s New York Metropolis division initially tweeted about its “counterfeit AirPods” caper on 9/11. The group claimed that income from counterfeit items can “doubtlessly subsidize felony or terrorist actions.” That’s good to know, however not a single CBP worker concerned on this story took the time to Google “OnePlus Buds.”

In case you’re questioning, CBP hasn’t deleted its tweets or rewritten its press launch. We don’t know if the OnePlus Buds are nonetheless caught in customs, however they’re price about $158 thousand altogether, if that makes any distinction.

Supply: CBP NYC

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